Lunar Cats are the oldest type of humanoid cat. They are humanoid cats that come from the moon, and normally know more technology than other species known.


Lunar Cats usually don't have a tail, or just have a really short tail. Sometimes they do have long tails though. All Lunar Cats are born with black magic, and develop either 1 or rarely 2 powers as they grow up, the most common power is fire. They normally have gray, purple, blue, black, or white hair, and that also is the color of their ears. A Lunar Cat's eye color can be anything, but they are usually either purple or pink. A Lunar Cat's skin is always very pale.

Most Lunar Cats can climb trees very well, and have very good eyesight. All Lunar Cats have the ability to breathe anything, and can not breathe at all. This wasn't originally a part of their characteristics, but when they settled on the moon, they evolved into having this feature. They can also jump very high due to the gravity on the moon.

Some bad characteristics is that no Lunar Cat is able to fly. They can never fly, and their jump height is the closest to flight as they can get. Most Lunar Cats also hate water, unless if it is near ice temperature. They can also be mistaken for vampires, and rarely humans, but thats not too terrible.


They were originally not called Lunar Cats, or came from the moon at all. They were orignally Gensono Cats (Litterally elemental cats). In 1247 BC, they were present in the war of Bakanekos and Cat Demons. They were mainly on the Cat Demon's side, but they just wanted to stop the fight all together. The Bakanekos chased the Kokumajutsu Cats to the moon, and the Kokumajutsu Cats decided to rest there.

For more than 2000 years, they have resided on the moon, and developed a futuristic city, with technology even earth hasn't gone too yet.

All Known Lunar Cats

Yukuo Saburina