Maria (マリア Maria) is a main character in LCWTP. She is the lead maid of all of the maids at the Yami Castle.


Maria has dark brown hair and a hispanic-like skin color. Her eyes are brown. She wears a black cape with red trim, and a ruby in the middle, holding it together. Under it, she wears a black dress with a bow in the middle, and also with red spiky trim. She wears red slippers, and wears a red and black headband on her head, with a white bow.


Maria is calm and collected, and doesn't like to talk often. As a maid, she is very loyal and will follow every one of her Queen's orders. She acts weak, thinking she is worthless, and only existing to serve her Queen. Maria doesn't get angry often, but when she does, she tries to hide it. She acts blunt, and doesn't look pleased when she is.




She has no known family members, but they might be alive. She sort of considers the Yami her family.


Terra Yami - Terra is the one who took her in, and raised Maria when she was a child. Terra also now trains her how to fight. So Maria really looks up to her.

Kai Yami - Kai's crush on Maria is very big, and he tries to get as much time with her as possible. Maria doesn't like Kai that way, of course. She doens't like him in that way because he is way older, and he is pretty annoying.


Jikan Sutoppa - Jikan sort of annoys Maria when she goes into the castle for investigating.

Mikasi Yami - Mikasi acts very rude towards Maria, so even though she serves her, she tries to avoid her.

Draven Yami - Draven sometimes acts rude towards Maria because she is a girl, but Maria doesn’t mind too much.

Yukuo Saburina - Yukuo sometimes trains Maria, but other than that, Maria gets a bit annoyed when Yukuo goes in the castle without permission.


Naoko Noboru - Naoko goes into the castle without permission a lot. So Maria gets annoyed by that. Maria also doesn’t like her because of Naoko’s personality.

Rikona Honda - Rikona messes with people in the castle a lot. Maria doesn’t like that Rikona messes up paintings, food, etc.


She has no known powers, and most likely doesn’t have any.

Skills and Abilities

She is very skilled with swords, and is very good at dodging.


She is afraid of blood, so if she gets cut, she tries not to look at it. She is also very weak, physically.