Mikasi Darkwing (ダリクヰン ミカシ Darikuwin Mikashi) is a main character in LCWTP. She is the vampire princess, and the daughter of Terra Darkwing.


Mikasi has greyish pink hair in a ponytail and a very pale skin tone. She has red eyes, and very long silver teeth. Her wings, which she can spawn whenever she wants, are purple bat-like wings. She wears a black dress with short white sleeves, and a bow on the collar and waist. She also wears a fedora with white lining and a bow. She occasionally, when outside in the day, holds a pink parasol.


Mikasi, when in the public, acts very elegant and charismatic. However, she is actually SUPER rude, and is selfish, stubborn, and cynical. She thinks she is the most powerful, when she really isn’t. She is very hostile and cruel to her servants, and complains a lot to her mom. She is demanding and will do anything to get what she wants. Since people say she is very pretty and beautiful, she usually gets her way somehow. She is sadistic and crazy, and sometimes hurts her servants, especially Cecilia and Lewis, so she is called destructive.


Likes & DislikesEdit


- Being in control

- Blood


- Humans

- People who don’t agree with her ways







She doesn’t have any normal powers, except for dark magic.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

She is a very fast flyer, and has very good reflexes.


She can't go out in the sun, and also can risk her loosing all of her power to use black magic.