Yuuta Tanaka (多仲 勇太 Tanaka Yuuta) is a character in LCWTP.



Yuuta is SUPER disobedient. She is almost fully uncapable of obeying other people's orders. She also has ADHD, and won't pay attention to people a lot. She also can almost never stop talking, and will look for a conversation or start one when its too quiet. She is a very good leader though, as she is good at giving orders, and also has a great memory. She likes to make jokes, really bad ones. She also doesn't like other Shapeshifters.




Yuuta's family is unknown, but are still alive. They moved out of Lakebriar.




Evelyn - Yuuta and Evelyn are rivals, but they can still be friendly to eachother if necessary. They became rivals when they one day were both trying to comeplete the same "mission". They met up, and argued about who was going to comeplete the mission. They were arguing for so long that someone else fixed the problem. They swore to eachother that they would prove to eachother whos the best.






Yuuta, like all Shapeshifters, can shapeshift. Since she is only an amateur however, she can't shapeshift into evertything. Only basic animals, and some inanimate objects.

Skills and Abilities

Yuuta has a great memory. She can litterally remember her entire life, even when she was born. She also has good leadership skills, with giving good orders and making good strategies.


Yuuta can't listen to orders, so that can get her in serious trouble. She also can't pay attention for a long time because of her ADHD, so sometimes when she is fighting, she'll stop paying attention for a second, and that might get her hurt.


  • Yuuta (勇太) can mean "thick courage", and her last name Tanaka (多仲) can mean "multiple relationships".

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